Who are we? 

Jess is the woman in charge behind Olann. With a background in fashion and textile design she has always been interested in hand made, meticulously crafted and well made products. Jess is a mother, a dyer and a (very slow) knitter. Her love of colour has always been a driving force behind her works. Inspired by art, nature, cityscapes, and her imagination, Jess creates gorgeous colours for fellow knitters and all round crafters to knit and play with. 

Are we on Social Media? 

Of course! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry. We love to update your social feeds with pretty pictures of yarn and from time to time use the live feed function on Instagram to let you guys see our workshop and what we are up to. 

Do we accept Wholesale Orders? 

We do. If you are a LYS please feel free to email us at hello@olann.ie for our most up to date wholesale colour and price list.

Do we dye custom colours?

Yes, we currently dye custom colours for both designers and LYS. Contact us at info@olann.ie to chat about possible colourways.

Where do we ship to? 

Good news, we ship worldwide with a flat rate cost of €7. All packages are shipped via An Post and tracking numbers are supplied. 

How do I join a club? 

Interested in our clubs? We offer three club subscriptions that we hope appeals to each one of you. One minimal club, for those that prefer neutrals, one colourful club for all you colour lovers out there and a bundle club which will be completely up to us and our current mood. You will find our club memberships under the 'collections' tab and then see 'club memberships'. Clubs are in 3 monthly instalments and will ship at the beginning of each month.  Shipping is flat rate so if you add an extra club you wont be charged twice for shipping. Club colours are exclusive and will not be sold to the general public or LYS. 

How often is the shop updated?

Our shop update usually occurs at the end of each month. We will work hard to provide you with different colours along with your favourites in each update.The best way to catch an update time is through our social media or when you subscribe to our newsletter. The shop update runs between 2-3 days. 

What is dye to order?

At times, dye to order yarn will also be listed on the website. This is yarn that has yet to be dyed and there is a typical lead time of 3-4 weeks before delivery however we do aim for a 2 week turnaround.

How accurate are the photos to the yarn I will receive?

We have taken utmost care and diligence to make sure our photos are as accurate as possible. Some monitors or devices will produce a different result when displaying the photo. Our photos are for reference only.

Will you reserve skeins for me?

Unfortunately the shop updates operate on a first-come first-served basis. We are unable to reserve any skeins for individuals.

Why can I still see yarn but it's all sold out?

All our listings stay up for the duration of the month after a shop update to give customers a flavour of the range that we stock.

How do I care for my scrumptious Olann yarn?

Here at Olann, we believe in caring properly for your yarn. Care for your yarn begins here in our studio when once the dyeing process has been completed we soak the yarn in a little wool soap to rinse away the citric acid and to leave your yarn springy clean. The dye is fully set before leaving Olann studios, so there is no reason for you to set it again (most feel the need to set with a vinegar but this is wholly unnecessary) once you receive it. However, as with all dyes some may bleed. Think of jeans, they sometimes can run a blue grey dye in the wash. Or consider a misplaced red sock in with all your sparkling whites. They don't come out so sparkling after. So take care when choosing your colours for a project. Bear in mind that if you choose a pale colour and also a bright red that bleeding may occur. We take no responsibility for your colour choices. 

Once your yarn is knit with we recommend using a wool specific soap on a gentle machine wash. We suggest not using bleach to your garment and not to tumble dry it either. We suggest drying your garment flat.